Travel Costs
In addition to fees, there are costs for traveling to Canada. You are responsible for paying your own way to Canada. Most likely you will be traveling by airplane. Airfare to Canada varies depending on the location from which you are departing. Check with your local travel agent or airline for ticket prices. 

Deductions From Your Income
In Canada, once you have started working, your Employer will make deductions from your salary to pay for your room and board in their home. Most Canadian provinces have set a maximum for the amount your Employer can deduct for room and board. Be sure you know what this maximum is in the province in which you are working. You should also have worked out a way for your Employer to calculate the costs for meals. Your Employer cannot deduct money from your salary to pay for meals they did not provide for you. 

The Income You Keep
The rest of your salary is yours to spend however you like. Your Employer cannot tell you how to spend it, and you do not have to spend it on or with the family you are working for. Also, you do not have to pay for work-related expenses with your salary. For example, if your Employer asks you to take the children to a movie, there will be a cost for the movie tickets, popcorn and drinks, and probably costs for transportation. Your Employer should give you enough money beforehand to pay for these costs. But if not, and you end up paying for all or some of these costs with your salary, then your Employer should reimburse you for these costs as soon as possible.

The Work Permit